Baseball Excellence is run by coaches who have been coaching baseball for more than 30 years. They have accumulated some valuable experience and insights about the game over the years. Through this Section on our website called the “Baseball fundamentals”. We would like to share all the knowledge acquired by our coaches in the last few years in the form of a series of articles. We upload articles at regular intervals. these insights and articles carry abundant knowledge about the game covering everything from  “tips and strategies to become a good hitter” to the best equipment to use and much more. Some of our articles teach you about life skills you learn in the game and how they can help shape you as a person and how you can be focussed on your game to get the most out of your coaching sessions. This section we believe is not only helpful to aspiring young players but also helpful to coaches and parents. Especially how parents have to communicate with their kids during difficult times like after losing a match or having a bad day at the field. for coaches, it helps them to learn how they can better deal with their students and train them using modern-day equipment. some of our articles also deal with the mental side of the game.