Special packages come together with a bundle of our products on a variety of topis are grouped to form a package. Together packages and special packages add more value to buyers. Special packages also enjoy a larger discounts compared to individual orders.

some of the special packages we currently offer are the 3 pack, which is a combination of  “skills and drills”, “complete practice”, “game within a game”. In skills and drills we offer to An extremely powerful resource for the coach; player or parent, youth or advanced who wants to learn more about how to teach and play baseball. There are two hundred skills listed in this Coaching Document. They are offensive, defensive and mental skills that must be mastered in order to play baseball at a proficient level. We not only list the skills (by position), but how to perform them, identify common mistakes, present drills to reinforce technique and cross-reference resources in our instructional material where you can find more information about each skill and/or drill. We designed these charts to allow for easy identification and annotation.
A unique video that addresses the Essence of the Game- the Pitcher against the Hitter. We examine the thought process of hitter and pitcher in a “live” presentation. What to look for in certain situations, recognizing your “zone”, a winning mental approach, “setting up” the pitcher and more. At the same time, we analyze the pitcher’s approach. College and high school pitchers and hitters are used.

The Pitching special package which combines together our digital products on  “pitching mechanics”, here we Teach the pitching delivery from the windup to the follow through: explains why sound mechanics are so important, shows how to recognize the elements of the delivery all good pitchers must have, identifies problem areas, and shows specific drills to correct them. “How to throw  a pre game bullpen”, “Pitching – position one”.

Our workout special packages which contain  digital products like ” thrive on throwing” and “speed enhancement”

Our special 2 pack contains “complete practice ”  and “youth skills”

Currently we offer 4 special packages combining  our digital products on a variety of baseball skills.